Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Angela Davis in Town

Former '60s activist and current college professor Angela Davis will speak at Aycock Auditorium tonight in honor of the Martin Luther King holiday week. According the News and Record, her topic will be “Martin Luther King, Civil Rights and Human Rights: Future Trajectories.” I'm going to see if I can dust off my reporting skills and check out this one.


Anonymous Brent said...

From what I could tell by the news, I thought she was talking about how we will fail to celebrate and water down Dr. King's legacy in the future. It will be a holiday like any other ho hum holiday. Well, I have to wonder what MLK would would say about the way we celebrate now. Children are off from school, colleges are out of class, businesses that seem to care about employees and look out for the common good close in observance and others treat it as a floating holiday. I don't think Dr. King would approve. He placed a tremendous value on education though his words and actions. He placed a tremendous value on social consciousness. I think he would shudder to see his legacy distorted in this manner. He would hate the idea that people, especially black people, are using this day as a time to take a beach trip rather than a attending work or school. That's just my take on the matter, but I think he would be glad to see some of the reverence taked from the holiday. Looking down from Heaven, I bet he can't wait until classes resume on his birthday and businesses use the day to do some good things for the people of the world.

Blogger Glenn said...

Brent, glad to see you're reading. Davis did comment that the day of the "Martin Luther King Day sale" will be upon us. She didn't focus too much on King. In fact, I thought she rambled from topic to topic without too much focus on anything. Some good quotes though. Time is tight today, but I hope to add some further thoughts tomorrow.


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