Monday, January 30, 2006

Belews Creek station bellows

I didn't want to start blogging to analyze energy, but hey I like reading the stories. The News and Record runs an article today on the emissions at Duke Power's Belews Creek Steam Station in southeast Stokes County. In 2004 Belews emitted more toxic pollutants than any other power plant in NC. Some of the emissions are considered carcinogenic. Health experts aren't sure of the impact on area health, but the concern is understandable. Duke Power plans to install new pollution-control equipment, but it won't be operational until 2008.

Reading about Belews Creek helps me understand my post yesterday concerning the increased interest in creating more nuclear power in NC. Companies like Duke and Progress Energy, who is hoping to build two new reactors at its Shearon Harris plant near Raleigh, cite the cascading costs in emission control and public concerns about global warming as reasons for wanting more nuclear energy, which only emits steam. The waste is another matter.

I'll hope for the best where the toxins are concerned. Hopefully, they won't prove too damaging. The steam stacks at Belews certainly dominate the landscape around Stokes County. A great view is from the Cook's Wall trail at Hanging Rock State Park. You can look over a ledge and see the Dan River Valley opening up all the way to Belews. Here are some good Hanging Rock photos by Steffan A. Bass.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

It is pretty surprising that we apparently have a number of plants in this region without up-to-date emissions controls. And I agree, nuclear is looking better every day.

Blogger Glenn said...

While we still need to get a handle on what will be done with nuclear waste, I like the idea of breathing cleaner air.

For now, we can't tell if Belews has caused any adverse health effects. Let's hope for the best. Appartently, it hasn't been good for the fish. The signs strongly recommending that you don't eat any fish caught in the lake certainly grabs your attention.


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