Sunday, January 15, 2006

By the way, don't Wake and Maryland play tonight?

The atmosphere seems less than enthusiastic, at least at these Wake and Maryland fan boards, concerning tonight's ACC Sunday Night Hoops feature game. After suffering first-week routs at the hands of Duke, both hold up the rest of the league in early season conference defensive statistics. At point guard, the only realistic expectation is a whole lot of turnovers, as both teams bring up the rear in early turnover margin. Wake just did not have the backcourt depth to come close to replacing Chris Paul. Maryland plays without Travis Garrison, suspended over a legal matter. Terps Coach Gary Williams sums up the action succinctly:

"Travis was suspended because he was where he shouldn't have been."

Fans of both teams should try not to be too pesimisstic. Over the past few seasons this has been a good matchup and the season is still young. After Duke, every team will have some ups and downs. The trick now is not becoming one of the two or three teams that will likely have to spend a good chunk of the early conference season clawing its way out of cellar contention.

As for apathy about the game, I can't say much. Sportswise, I haven't focused on much beyond the Panthers-Bears game, even though the Steelers have my attention right now. (I realize the clock doesn't match up. I haven't figured out that one out yet.)


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