Wednesday, January 11, 2006

EMK, aka Ted, scolded by Snarlin' Arlen

The best political fisticuffs during the Alito hearing, vol. III, erupted when Ted Kennedy drew a four of diamonds from the race card deck. Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter dressed Kennedy down for his insistence that he will continue to insist that records allegedly proving Alito's committment to the deepest values of the now defunct Concerned Alumni of Princeton be subpeoned. The committe will get access to the records. We'll see how Teddy's card plays out.

My reading on the hearing has been light. Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News penned my favorite column on the topic. I must admit his using the Carolina Panthers rout of the New York Giants as the object lesson of his lede played to my NFL prejudices. It's great having a team alive in the playoffs. High-stakes politics and football, it makes the week almost feel like a holiday. Too bad I've got to work.


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