Friday, January 06, 2006

First NC Execution of '06 set for January 20

It's a sad story all the way around. The state has set January 20 as Perrie Simpson's execution date for the murder of Jean Darter in 1984 in Reidsville. While it warrants our attention, Simpson's troubled young life deserves to fail in making a case for clemency. It's a painful lesson in what may happen when a kid falls through a gaping hole in the floor. Darter, 92, suffered a senselessly brutal death, society's failings of Simpson not mattering.

This shouldn't succeed either. The argument provides no evidence that Simpson gave a false confession or that authorities coerced it. Simpson's advocates must make a tremendously hard sell to NC Governor Mike Easely who, since taking office, has stayed only 2 of 24 scheduled executions.


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