Saturday, January 07, 2006

For the Hearty Rock Appetite

Over the last few months I've been ripping music from my personal CD collection to the computer. You can put together some good blends, such as sandwiching two Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes between two from Sheryl Crow. Call it a double beef burger on toasted whole grain with a dash of ketchup and raw onion. Hold the cheese. Start with Crow's Favorite Mistake and follow it with One More Time and I Never Dreamed by Skynyrd. Crow's The Difficult Kind provides a slolid foundation. Heavy-duty guitars say as much as Ronnie Van Zandt's soulful singing in trying to figure out that male/female, yin and yang thing. Muscianship highlights the Crow cuts. The Difficult Kind may even lure the unaware listener into thinking he's spending a balmy night in Jacksonville or South Georgia. I like to think Sheryl Crow spent some of her teen years riding around Kennett, Missouri with Skynyrd in the tape deck.


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