Monday, January 23, 2006

Hating loving the Panthers, but not for long

I knew it would happen. I didn't make it through the night without a dream about the Panthers. Anytime one of my teams falls short in a big game, I somehow can't avoid revisiting it in dreamland. That's the price of pulling hard for a team that falls short, no matter the sport. David Boyd seems ready to pull back some of his Panthers' intensity. I hope Carolina's play next year brings him back. He's posted some good copy on the team.

It's especially hard to take when your team fails to mount a challenge. Some say they would rather lose by 30 than a last-second heartbreaker. I don't buy that. Losing a heartbreaker shows you went toe-to-toe. The initial twinge of pain may be more intense, but you know your guys went down fighting. The Seahawks dominated from start to finish. I think Matt Hasselbeck handled the game masterfully and may be Seattle's best weapon going into the Super Bowl.

I approached Ed Hardin's column last week with disdain and it turned out to be denial. I even sniffed at the article in this post. Unfortunately, Hardin may have been prescient. Instead of basking in the glory of the Panthers whipping of Chicago, Hardin made note of the many injuries Carolina sustained in making its playoff run. He has more on this and other analysis of the Cats' breakdowns in his News and Record column today.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

I agree totally. I'd rather lose a heartbreaker than be dominated.

BTW, I'm still not over it. Dear God, please let the Super Bowl be a wonderful and close game that comes down to the last play.

Blogger Glenn said...

I'm still not over it either. I don't feel any anticipation for the Super Bowl. I hope a good party opportunity pops up. I still think the future looks good for the Panthers. I hope we learn the lessons we need to from such a harsh whipping.


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