Friday, January 13, 2006

If only Grandma didn't have enough flour to Bake a Cake, it would be a good War

News and Record columnist Rosemary Roberts trots out the tired lament that the Bush administration requires little to no sacrifice from the American people per the Iraq War. She uses the sacrificial strawman, among other arguments, trying to bolster her contention that a widening disconnect exists between American civilians and the troops serving in Iraq.

Honestly, I doubt much could be done to sell Roberts on the war. If, during wartime, she prefers the World War II ration card America, here's some perspective. By 1941, the US faced little choice but to mobilize an all out front out in order to fight powerful military machines in Europe, the Pacific, Asia and North Africa. Untold millions died in that conflict. Fast-foward to today. We still may not escape the inevitability of clashes between freedom-expanding powers and oppressive regimes, at least as long as both exist. However, the pre-war history of WWII teaches us it's not inevitable that we on the side of freedom avoid these clashes to a point where we're forced to limit citizens to 15 gallons of gas a week because we've locked ourselves into a conflict requiring the resources, human and material, that leave wide swaths of death and destruction.

BTW, for those skeptical, or not, about this disconnect between civilians and solidiers, read this. (Hat tip Polipundit)


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