Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kennedy doesn't utter the F-word

Without technically saying the f-word, Teddy Kennedy has said the f-word. Kennedy said earlier today that he and other Democrats did not agree to a timetable for ending debate on the Alito nomination. John Kerry and Diane Feinstein sound like they're with Kennedy. Harry Reid doesn't. Bill Frist wants a vote Read it.


Anonymous Brent said...

Alito is one scary dude. He can really set America back about 50 years if he does not abide by his professed ability to take put aside personal views in favor of interpreting the law. Even so, his record shows that his interpretations have often been colored by his personal views. Although I think Ted Kennedy is a fruit loop, he is the only one vocally speaking out against this guy. Are people afraid that if they don't aprove Bush's second nominee, the world will end? I say make him appoint someone who has a descent judicial record and is does not seem to hate individual rights. I'm not sure he knows anyone, but maybe he can have his buddy Bubba do some research for him. Heaven forbid he appoint someone to a position that hasn't helped him "clear brush" in Crawford.

Blogger Glenn said...

I understand opposing Alito's nomination on ideological grounds, but I don't understand seeing him as scary. He'll be one of nine on the Supreme Court. Anyway, after the way the Dems acted during the Judiciary committe hearings, I couldn't blame the guy if he found a chance to dig it in a little bit.

Democrats not getting their way on Supreme Court nominations is part of the price for losing, so far, all the major elections of the 21st century. Kerry, Kennedy and the filibuster troops will only make the farce of opposing the inevitible look more farcical than it already is.


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