Monday, January 23, 2006

NC nuke news

Progress Energy wants to build a new nuclear reactor at its Shearon Harris plant near Raleigh. Progress officials say they believe they have a good chance of approval from the federal government. The energy company expects local opposition to the project, but hopes to put a good case forward for the project:

"An important part of that planning process is community engagement," Progress Energy chief executive Bob McGehee said in a statement. "We are committed to keeping our communities involved and informed every step of the way."

Duke Power is looking to build a new reactor in NC as well. Looking at the situation with oil, we can't close the door on nuclear energy. At the same time, we want it done safely. The reactor Progress wants to build at Shearon Harris is the Westinghouse AP 1000, complete with a passive safety feature that continues pumping water to cool itself in case electricity is lost. Read it all here.


Blogger James Aach said...

FYI: If you'd like an entertaining look at nuclear power with which to pass the time, you might want to check out The site has a thriller novel by a longtime nuclear engineer that provides an accurate look at the American nuclear energy industry (including a fictionalized accident). It's a bit different type of reactor than the proposed new one, but most of the real insights remain the same. There is no cost to readers. See the Comments on the homepage for reader reviews.

Blogger Glenn said...

I appreciate the link James. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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