Saturday, January 21, 2006

News on hitting the right target and playing oldies

Evidence mounts that the house hit by a US missile strike last weekend near Damadola, Pakistan served as a den of activity for al Qaeda operatives. The US zeroed in on the target from information gleaned from captured al Qaeda leader Abu Farraj al-Libbi. The terror outfit's former number 3 indentified the residence as the site of a previous visit by current number 2, Ayman al Zawahri.

Bill Roggio posts on Threatswatch that, gradually, the Pakistani government seems willing to admit the US had reason to take action, while at the same time asking the US to not make any future strikes. It looks like there's a lot of twitching eyelids there. Hmm, must be talking in a dusty room.

Speaking of number 2, experts seem convinced that al Qaeda fished his latest audio command performance from a stack of solid gold hits.

Alexis Debat offers analysis for ABC on how al Qaeda delivers this tape and others without getting caught. Once again, former number 3 shines light on the path.


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