Sunday, January 22, 2006

Panthers in the capital cities

Thought I'd take a look at Panthers' pregame coverage at the two major morning dailies in Raleigh and Columbia, the Carolina's capital cities. Both cities have separate idenities from Charlotte and traditionally have looked at the Carolina's biggest burg as a rival.

Raleigh's News and Observer runs an article looking at a growing Panthers' fan base in eastern NC. If you go by the TV ratings, it looks like Carolina is out-ranking the Washington Redskins, the traditional darling of the big country down east. Not all Raleigh Skins fans are buying into it though:

Redskins fans such as Dan Reynolds, 36, a Raleigh mortgage banker, dismiss most of the region's Panthers supporters as "bandwagon" fans.
"It depends on how they're doing," Reynolds said.

In the capital of the southern Carolinas, they may not think much of Charlotte the town, but you wouldn't know that by its largest newspaper. The State is a sister publication of the Charlotte Observer, both part of the Knight-Ridder chain. If you've already read the Observer's coverage, don't go to The State. All their stories are links to those reported by the northern giant.


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