Wednesday, January 18, 2006

People vs. the Bureaucracy

The News and Record gives the details on the Guilford County School Board meeting and redistricting. Best quote came from High Point resident, Kevin Connolly:

How about getting some maps we can understand.

It apparently generated some energy among the crowd.

Having covered many local government meetings in the early '90s, and if things haven't changed much, I understand Connolly's frustration. Maps drawn up by any county department take time to understand. The county mapmaker may see logic and art in his creation, but usually has a hard time understanding the kinds of emotion that his masterpiece may enduce. The preceding is very general, and I have no way of knowing if the current matter even comes close to fitting the category. However, it is important to remember that public education is provided by what is by far the largest bureaucracy in the county. Like most large bureaucracies, it's stuck in a numbers game whose satisfaction is the bottom line.


Anonymous Brent said...

Why can't we leave well enough alone at the schools that are doing well and concentrate our efforts on fixing the schools that suck. There are plenty of sucky schools in Guilford County, some already with assistance teams. It is clear that what they are doing isn't working. Let's try a common sense approach. If you run a factory, you don't take parts from your one working machine to fix 10 broken ones. If you do, your production completely dies. Same with schools.


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