Thursday, January 19, 2006


The "Wicked Pickett" died of a heart attack today. I remember way back to the third grade when I had a teacher just out of college. She let us kids bring in 45s. Not knowing all that much about music, I remember going out and buying a record of Pickett covering Stag-'o-Lee. I've never forgotten him since then, the epitome of a soul singer in my book.


Anonymous Mikey said...

Believe or not bro, I can remember you with that 45 in the Harmony school parking lot.

Anonymous Brent said...

One hell of a singer, man. Shelley Winters, Wilson Picket, I wonder who number three will be.

Blogger Glenn said...

Mike, impressed with the memory. I want to put it to the test. I liked the song on the other side better, but I have no idea what is anymore. Any clues?

Brent, I was going to write that Lou Rawls started the trifecta when he passed away. However, we have quartet(can't think of the gambling phrase for four, I know five is a quintella), with the passing of Anthony Franciosa, who played Matt Helm on TV in the 1970s. Ironically, he also is one of Winters' ex-husbands.

Anonymous mikey said...

According to a 45 on sale at ebay, the flip side of this particular 45 was "I'm in Love".


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