Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rudy rides south

I wonder if Rudy Giuliani (check out the grey shirt) has a taste for fried chicken, barbecue (both pork and beef), homemade potato salad (the really yellow kind) and pecan pie? America's mayor has spent recent months endorsing southern GOP candidates and meeting with evangelical groups as he tests the waters for the 2008 presidential race. Many experts believe Giuliani's social moderation will make him too unattractive to the southern base of the Republican Party. The top contender so far, John McCain, is staunchly pro-life and certainly solid on national defense.

However, I think security is Giuliani's best weapon in a potential showdown with McCain. I think fighting Islamic extremism still needs to be a high priority in the US for Giuliani to win. If terrorism is brought to heel truly, his pro-choice views on abortion will be much more unpalletble for conservative Southerners. As far as defending the country is concerned, Rudy showed nothing but guts during the 9/11 ordeal. There is little doubt that Rudy believes there is an enemy that must be defeated. (to be fair, so does McCain). Also, if Rudy and McCain wind up in heated race, I wouldn't put it past McCain to lose his cool and make some snippy comments. That's where McCain leaves me cold. I find him too dour and a bit too anxious to use the power of the government to fiddle with human behavior that he believes in need of reformation.

Rudy can't win without the South. He needs to convince the South it can't win without him. I say he has a good shot of carrying the South convincingly in a GOP slugfest with McCain or any other Repub. Mark it down. The scenario was rendered here at Floyd Stuart on January 31, 2006.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been seeing a possible McCain-Guliani team. They have much in common and would do well together unless they release too much resentment towards each other in the primaries. Guliani needs some belt way experience before stepping into the presidency. He needs to moderate his tendency of bullying-top-dog leadership style more towards consensus building or the good old boy club in DC will freeze him out and wait him out. Brenda Bowers

Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I admire Giuliani a great deal for the way he restored NYC. But his position on the social issues is problematic unless he finds a way to modify them in a way that appeals enough to the GOP base nationwide. Have never been a big McCain fan.

My candidate is George Allen of Virginia, if he runs.

Blogger Glenn said...

I like the fact that Guliani is outside the beltway. If he gets into this thing, he'll get some people mad at him. I think if he's released from having to win votes in NY City exclusively, he might surprise some conservatives on his social stands. I like George Allen too.

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