Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Morning Channel Surf

A TVLand top twenty list standouts from this morning's much appreciated spin with the remote. Best moment recalled Georgia Governor Lester Maddox walking out on Dick Cavett. Other guests included football great Jim Brown and Truman Capote. Maddox and Brown certainly didn't agree with each other, but seemed at ease sitting side-by-side. Both men possessed commanding physical presence. Apparently, Cavett wanted to repeat on air an exchange that took place between Maddox and Brown during a commerical break. They must have worked out a quick agreement where Maddox expected Cavett to remain true to the original dialogue. Cavett replaced bigots with admirers when repeating the original question. This didn't set right with Maddox who demanded an apology within the minute or he would walk. The apology didn't come and Maddox got up and waved off Cavett with his giant left hand as he exited the set. Capote briefly and gently grabs Maddox's maybe hoping to get Maddox to reconsider and finish saying what he had to say. Capote does cap the scene with a quirky quip about the chicken at the governor's resturant.

I'm not much educated on Maddox beyond his horrible reputation on race realations, but it looked like Maddox had a solid case. Cavett seemed to appreciate the drama as part of the business. To the delight of Randy Newman fans, the episode seemed to prove fertile ground for the notoriously clever singer/songwriter's redneck discography. Lost interest in the rest of the show when they featured an ER character accidently sticking his arm in chopper blades moving full-speed. Glad I stopped watching that drama years before.


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