Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sitting out the State of U

Likely, I'll only watch parts of the SOTU address tonight. I'll at least want to get a look at Alito in his new robe. While I generally support him, I'm not a big fan of W's speeches. He's much better on the stump than on official addresses. I've never really been a fan of these speeches. It must go back to the days of only three channels when you had no choice if you wanted to watch TV. It at least got me to go play or read a book. Anyway, here's the transcript via the Washington Post.

I'll check out the other U tonight, at least the hoops version. I can't help myself choosing Demon Deacon basketball over the commander in chief. It'll either get uglier or I'll find something to smile about. I guess politics is like that too.


Blogger sam's notes said...

Myself, I'll be switching between Wake and Sex in the City


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