Friday, January 27, 2006

Viva Ashvegas

Staying in the NC hills, I f0und Asheville blogger Ashvegas. The posts poke fun at TV staion WLOS opining on the station's handling of a lame Super Bowl feature, an alleged gay-bashing and some Satanic-style vandalism at a local church. I think the blog name intrigued me the most though.

I learned about the Vegasizing of the hometown about six or seven years ago when I went for a visit to my hometown, Statesville. I came across an old friend I hadn't seen for about ten years. I started noticing he called Statesville Statesvegas. Never hearing it before, it sounded hilarious to me. Since that time I've heard Greenville referred to as Greenvegas. I may have heard other towns referred to the same way, but I'm not sure.

I may be way behind the times on Vegasizing, but I guess Greensvegas works. I think a large of store of creativity would be necessary to tag a Vegas line on Winston-Salem or High Point without butchering the identity of either town. However, Archvegas, Kernvegas and Burlvegas read like they should flow off the tongue smoothly. On the other hand, how many Vegases can this old world stand?


Blogger John Blanton said...

Ashvegas link is now broken! He updated his site a few months ago! He's a great blogger from Asheville


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