Monday, February 27, 2006

The Barney Fife moments

It took a little time to get around blogging on this one. Don Knotts leaves many of us with a lot to celebrate. The Andy Griffith Show is the first TV I remember watching. Barney Fife is one of those characters I don't ever remember not remembering. That about says it all so I'll finish with some, but certainly not all, of my favorite Barney Fife moments:

Giving Otis a Rorschach Test.

Being held hostage with Floyd by the women convicts.

Giving Otis a driving test with toy cars.

Barney and a deputized Gomer chasing each other around a big tree on the hunt for an escaped convict.

Hitting Otis with a tomato while checking his reflexes.

Driving the station wagon and pulling the camper with the crooks inside from the trailer camp to the courthouse.

Giving Otis a stamina test.

Dictating a semi-bawdy poem to Opie that unknowingly was going to Helen Crump.

Standing in as the bride in the ruse to prevent Ernest T. Bass from stopping the wedding of Dud Wash and Charlene Darling.

Finally, attempting to hypnotize Otis to find the location of a still that ended up being in the haunted house.

RIP Don Knotts


Anonymous Brent said...

Gotta love the Haunted House episode! Ah, I've seen all of those episodes many times.

Blogger sam's notes said...

excellent breakdown, Glenn. The rorschach test was a classic. I was always impressed by Barney's sicere effort to delve into Otis' psyche.


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