Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brit's quip

I just heard Brit Hume tell of encounter he had on the White House lawnwith some network news people following his exclusive interview with VP Dick Cheney about the bird shot. Paraphring on my part, Hume said some people from the big networks asked him if he got the interview because of Fox News' conservative connections. Hume said he replied by saying I guess they wanted to put it on the network that most people watch.


Anonymous Brent said...

I guess they wanted to put it on the network that would throw him real softball questions. Did you hear any hard-hitting excerpts from that interview. Cheney was able to couch it as a pity party for himself.

Blogger Glenn said...

I don't see Hume's interview any less appropriate than a pit bull journalist sitting there trying to rip Cheney a new one. The mainstream press dropped the ball. The goodstory just didn't walk in the door and plop in your lap. They should have been on their toes and maybe more of the general pubilc would be interested in hearing them grill Cheney. Politics aside, the comedy has been good.


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