Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cincy blogger predicts a Rudy presidency

Cincinatti blogger Seldom Wrong predicts that not only will Rudy Giuiliani be the GOP presidential nominee, but he will need to get used to hearing the band strike up "Hail to the Chief." He cites polarization among Democrats as the stop leaving the door open for Guliani. He also believes Giuliani's style will sit well with most Republicans. I think a Rudy victory is quite plausible.


Blogger Roch101 said...

Giuliani's pro-choice position on abortion and acceptance of gay marriage wouldn't cause polarization among Repbulicans?

Blogger Glenn said...

That's a good question. I'm looking at the current conditions. If the presidential election were this November rather than '08, I think Giuliani would be hard to beat. We're going into our third election since 9/11. It's hard to see national security not being at the forefront and I don't sense anything at the moment that will make things different in '08.

I think most Republicans and conservatives see the war as the preeminent issue. Disagreements over social policy can be fought later. Most of the base Rudy needs to win is quite aware of what Giuliani accomplished as mayor of New York and his presence during 9/11. Most aren't saying Rudy would be a great leader if he only weren't so socially liberal. They just see a good leader.

If events change the landscape drastically between now and '08, I won't be right. If social issues drive the campaign, Giuliani will be a much tougher sell. Even if they don't, he'll still have to work extremely hard to win over many skeptics among the GOP base. Still, I'd love to see Rudy campaigning down south in a heated race against John McCain, even if social issues become problamtic for Giuliani. It would be rich.

Anonymous Brent said...

Hillary beat him once; she can do it again. Additionally, I think his stand on abortion, gay rights, etc. will keep him from the nomination. In this month's Rolling Stone, there is an article about that nut, Sam Brownback, a Senator who wants to create a theocracy in the US. However, the religious right is gaining some power within the party, and they will not tolerate someone with moderate leanings. It seems to be their way or the highway. I think we'll see a very conservative candiate, possibly Jeb Bush, get the nomination.


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