Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Clear, blue and a little white at the Rock

Caught a ride to Hanging Rock with a buddy this afternoon. Nothing beats a clear winter day for a great view in the Piedmont high country. There were still some large patches of snow on the drive all through Stokes County. Also saw some long icicles on a rock face in a shady curve on NC 89.

We drove around the perimeter of the park on Hall and Mickey roads. You could see plenty of snow and ice glistening in the sunshine of the rock outcroppings. As usual, the Mickey Road panorama was spectacular. You get Moore's Wall on one side and the Virginia Blue Ridge on the other. You could see at least 40 miles into Viriginia today. It was my first trip to Hanging Rock since early last December when I did a little low-speed luge down a footpath. It did turn out to be a workout. The place is a jewel and full of good memories.


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