Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 6 birhtday trifecta

For those who like keeping up with famous birthdays or who won big on Pittsburgh's Super Bowl victory, tomorrow we celebrate a winning trifecta. There are many ways to label it. Perhaps it's the homerun, conquering the evil empire and ganja Aquarian convergence. Maybe we should call it straight. Ruth, Reagan and Marley were given to us on a February 6.

The Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth entered the world on Feb. 6, 1895 in Baltimore as George Herman Ruth, Jr., the son of George Herman, Sr. and Kate Ruth.

On Feb. 6, 1911 when George H. was finding his own as a pitcher and catcher for St. Mary's Industrial School for boys, Ronald Wilson Reagan made his earthly debut in an apartment in Tampico, Illinois, the son of Jack and Nelle Reagan.

As Ruth faced the last years of life and Reagan earned a reputation as a hard-working Hollywood actor, Robert Nesta Marley joined the journey Feb. 6, 1945 in Nine Miles, Saint Ann, Jamaica, the son of Englishman Norval Marley and Jamaican Cedella Booker.

I admire all three. A tip of the hat to them all for making my life more entertaining and helping me appreciate the beauty of living. They all had to overcome early obstacles to reach greatness. Ruth's family turned his custody over to St. Mary's when he was 7. Reagan overcame growing up with an alcoholic father. The family of Marley's father rejected the relationship that brought him to be.

Also a tip of the hat to my buddy Noel who made me aware of this birthday factoid. He should know, he entered the fray Feb. 6, 1961. Happy Birthday to all.


Anonymous Brent said...

Gotta tell Noel that, as best we know, Bob Marley was born on February 5. There is no documentation; however, that is the traditional day to celebrate his birth. And yes I celebrated!

Blogger Glenn said...

The page I linked to has him born on the 6th. Hey, that's good enough reason to celebrate both days.


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