Friday, February 10, 2006

The Grammys: A victory of the prophets?

The fan website @U2 gets biblical in the afterglow of the band's strong Grammy showing. @U2 posts an interview with Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, an American-English translation of the Bible. It turns out that Peterson's translation is Bono's chosen text. The interview centers on Peterson's impression of U2 as prophets and it's a positive one:

U2 doesn't seem to be calculated in what they are doing. It just comes out of who they are, and maybe that's why people respond to them, because they are so unconventional in the rock music world. ..

Not a fan of rock and roll himself, Peterson sees the power of faith in the band's message:

For example, in the song "Peace on Earth": "Jesus sing a song you wrote, the words are sticking in my throat." Well, I start paying attention to that. And I love this line: "But hope and history won't rhyme." They are saying to me that I can't separate life into religious and secular, spiritual and ordinary: the dissonance between hope and history are the context in which we live life honestly and courageously, not by eliminating one or the other but by feeling or hearing that dissonance and living in a way that bring them into harmony.

Whether into rock, religion or both, it's a good read.


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