Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gunshots claim Operation Logjam's top suspect

Eden Police Chief Gary Benthin revealed that a fatal shooting in Reidsville last week killed the top suspect in a Rockingham County drug crackdown. Benthin said Jamal Baruch Whitaker was the top suspect in Operation Logjam, a cooperative effort between Rockingham County law enforcement agencies and the feds. Benthin said those targeted in the probe were the most dangerous of any susptects targeted in previous joint anti-drug efforts.

I find the name of the operation interesting. Anyone vaguely familiar with Eden likely has heard of Logtown, a community outside town just inside the VA line with a rough reputation. My knowledge of Logtown is almost all anectdotal, but if true, it's reasonable to assume it was somehow related to this investigation ergo the name Operation Logjam. Maybe I can find out more this week.


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