Friday, February 10, 2006

Halftime Stones

Being in a crowd at Greene Street during the Super Bowl, I didn't hear much of the Rolling Stones halftime show, but I got a good look at it on the big screen. Some of the professional commentators showed disdain for the show. Nick Sylvester of the Village Voice's Riff Raff blog got down right ugly not only with the Stones, but the entire event itself:

But however much Jagger was in on the joke of his skin flailing about in the Detroit wind or the irony of old bitch Britain entertaining cornfed America on its most cornfed, most American day ever, this performance was good proof that comedy and tragedy share a bloodline, and no number of lucky charms stuck in Richards's hair can fend off the fates.

Stones fans come to the band's defense in the comments, many of them matching Sylvester's caustic tone such as Susan:

Jealous eh? Let's see you or any of these "wanna be rocker punks" have that much stamina when you are 60+...hell, you couldn't hang for one song, much less a set, much less a concert or tour. Who do think paved the road to rock...Tiny Tim? Last time I checked (Super Bowl evening) the Rolling Stones were announced as "The Greatest Rock 'n Roll band in the World"'re an idiot.

and Larry:

I don't care what snobby publication you write for...who are YOU to slam what people enjoy, and then justify the talentless Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? Where will THEY be in 40 years? Forgotten.

I liked the show. Not hearing it too well didn't bother me much. "Start Me Up" and "Satisfaction don't top my favorites list. I'd have to give the new song a good listen to be fair with it. I did enjoy the visual, especially Charlie Watts. The only band member willing to show his white hair and to stay in a long-term marriage, he hammered away at the drums. I couldn't help but appreciate that. It inspired me as my 45th looms on the horizon.


Anonymous Brent said...

It was a safe act. It's not going to get a fine from the FCC. They have enough artistic umpf that even if something happened, the network could justify it.

Blogger sam's notes said...

Mick can still strut.....

Blogger Glenn said...

I'm with the fans on this one.


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