Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Her his is the same and other thoughts

Not to make light of the situation, but I found the Times-Herald attribution to Kou Her, a neighbor of the Syntron plant as gender-bending reading:

Kou Her, who said he lives about 200 yards from the plant, said he heard the explosion and saw "like a mushroom cloud" rise from the facility.
The woods on the opposite side of Amherst Road were also on fire. The explosion apparently blew the windows out of a house next door. Her said his electricity was out.

I'm glad this hasn't turned out to be worse. It shows that many people still work in potentially dangerous jobs. We've been re-aquainted with the hazards of coal mining. Also, a worker died from burns he received from an explosion sparked by a dust fire at a Purina mill near Statesville. I tip my hat to all who work in dangerous professions.

Back to Burke County, if you've never had the chance to visit, it's worth the trip. It's Piedmont meeting the mountains. Whenever I allow myself the time on a trip to Asheville, I love to exit I-40 at 64 West in Morganton. It's a beautiful ride from there to Rutherfordton. From Rutherford I drive up to Lake Lure and hit NC 9. Then it's on to Bat Cave, Chimney Rock into Black Mountain and back to 40. It's very good for the head.


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