Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey, hey, ho, ho, George Bush has got to go

I wonder if they chanted this in downtown Greensboro last night? It sounds like it was more than clever use of the f-word in public as Greensboro Police arrested 7 people at an anti-Bush rally. Some of the protestors apparently wanted to do more than vent verbally, or at least may have wanted to leave that impression:

About 9:45 p.m., police said, Detective E.L. Cuthbertson, who was "monitoring the demonstration," was pushed by protestors and struck in the chest and elbow. One of the people arrested had a collapsible police-style baton and another had a lock blade knife. Neither of the weapons was used in the scuffle.

I see that one of those arrested has my old Mendenhall St. address. I don't know if any plots to overthrow Ronald Reagan were ever hatched while there, though my memory could have failed. Can you help me out Sam?


Blogger sam's notes said...

Perhaps. I'm trying to figure out hw that guy lives in what is now a single family home. Perhaps he is a respectable citizen....

Blogger Glenn said...

I'd admire him for being that young and being able to afford that house now. It is a bit puzzling.


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