Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'd almost forgotten it was winter

Really, I hadn't, but I'll admit today's weather caught me off guard. I awoke hearing the Rock 92 morning crew talking about driving to work in the snow. I got out of bed and looked out back. There it was, even more than I'd anticipated. I guess I'm still southern enough to consider this morning's dusting a snowstorm. It did set the tone for what felt to me like the first day of real winter we've had since mid-December. I didn't dress warmly enough for a night-time walk with the dog. Standing on the porch talking to my neighbor it didn't feel too cold, but as soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk I knew my fleece and ankle-hugging socks weren't going to be enough to insulate anything. That made the walk short, but I appreciated breathing in the cold, semi-humid air. Even though I've missed that this year, I had no problem getting used to the spring of January '06. If the long range forecast holds up, the chill will last for a few more days, but by this time next week we'll be back to early spring.


Anonymous Brent said...

Winter sucks. Where is all this global warming they keep talking about? Pardon me while I go outside and empty an aerosol can. I like to do my part.

Blogger Glenn said...

I'll take a winter like this year's anytime. Empty a can for me.


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