Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'll admit I was wrong about JJ

I'll have to admit I now find myself an admirer of Duke's JJ Redick. When Redick burst onto the scene during his freshman year, I never thought I would reach the point where I would praise him in a blog post. I shrugged off his early success to the Duke system, complete with favorable officiating, especially in Cameron. However, performances such as yesterday's against Maryland have me watching Duke games, something I've rarely done in the past. I haven't seen anyone stop his shot consistenlty. The only way to stop him is to deny him the ball and Coach K's schemes seem to prevent that from happening.

I'm interested to see how Redick will perform in the NBA. I think he has a shot to be the best pro from Duke during the Coach K era. I don't see any reason to think he won't have as good a chance as anyone coming out of this year's draft to be a very good NBA player, maybe even an all-star. Most importantly, he won't be playing for Duke anymore.

Speaking of favorable officiating, Birkel at the accbasketblog has some interesting thoughts on how the refs called the Maryland game. He concludes that the Duke haters got their wish. The Washington Times has the Terps' perspective covered.

I'll wind up the ACC talk by mentioning I finally witnessed a Wake Forest victory yesterday. Too bad it won't count in the confernce standings considering the next game is at Cameron. Being the current last place team, maybe the Deacs can file an appeal with the league to count it as the second Carolina game which won't be played for the second straight regular season. The Deacs did beat the Charlotte campus of Carolina. They need to play 22 ACC games, but I'm sure the coaches don't even want to hear about it.


Anonymous Brent said...

Come on, Glenn. We can muster some Redick hate. He's good, but so what Laetner. I think Carolina could have had that game won if they had kept a bigger man on JJ.

Blogger Glenn said...

I don't know if Redick is better than Laetner. You've got to hand it to Laetner for winning back-to-back titles. I didn't give him his due until he helped the Dukies dismantle the Fab Five in '92. I thought he might have a better NBA career, but he at least hung around for a long career. Is he playng anywhere this year?

On Redick, he came in as a good player and dramatically improved his game. I just had to overcome my disgust of his uniform. I think he has a legitimate shot in the NBA.


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