Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lt. Governor Perdue speaks at state education conference

NC Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue addressed the North Carolina Safe School and Character Education Confernce at the Koury Center today. Many political analysts believe she wants to only drop the Lt. from her title in early '09. Perdue makes up one-third of an expected Democrat big three that will seek to succeed current Democrat Governor Mike Easley. North Carolina's state attorney general Roy Cooper and state treasurer Richard Moore comprise the other two-thirds of the triumvirate. All three are serving in their second terms and rose to power through the NC General Assembly.

Even though it's still very early, it's hard to see how she or either one of the other two will be stopped in the general election. The NC GOP's inability to mount strong charges in two runs against Easley baffled me. George Bush won NC handily in the same elections, and in '04, US Senator Richard Burr won a solid victory, making Erskine Bowles a two-time senate wannabe. Easley did not seem that formibidile. I don't think his being a Huntian politican juggernaut is what made him unbeatable. The campaigns of Richard Vinroot and Patrick Ballentine in 'oo and 'o4 respectively disappointed me. Also, it's a head scratcher as to why the Tar Heel GOP has not been as successful as Repubs in the bordering states (SC, VA, GA and TN) who each enjoy a slight political advantage.

Perdue's speech avoided political content even though she made sure to note that the state's public school teachers don't make enough money. Perdue praised school systems' and educators' efforts to create successful character education programs. She pledged the state's support in the continuation of the movement. Overall, I found her a low-key keynoter. If it does turn out to be Perdue, at least we'll have an attractive governor. Nice smile.


Anonymous Brent said...


North Carolinians like a conservative Federal government but like their autonomy at home. They like good schools, they like good jobs. That's why they vote for Dems on the state level and the GOP on the Federal Level. Virginia is the same way, although Virginians are a little more liberal at the Federal level.

That's the historical trend anyway.

I think we could do worse than Beverly Perdue in the qualifications and looks department. Dude, I was making a teacher contact for a kid that goes to your school. You have a couple of hotties teaching there. I found myself wishing I had better looking middle school teachers. Maybe that's why he wouldn't do anything when we first got him.

Blogger sam's notes said...

will we really do it? have a woman running our state?

Blogger Glenn said...

If her speech the other day is any indication, it's hard to see her stirring a lot of passion. She'll definitely be a formidible for, but she'll have a tough battle getting out the Dem primary on top.

Anonymous Brent said...

Roy Cooper would be a much better candidate. Perdue can be Lt. Governor again for all I care. But I would much rather see Cooper in the Driver's seat.

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