Sunday, February 19, 2006

Matt Doherty's new team closes home schedule with win

The Florida Atlantic Owls, coached by former UNC coach and player Matt Doherty, won its game last night. It looks like Doherty has done a good job getting the program off the floor from its disappointing 10-17 record last year. The Owls are in a three-way tie for third place in the Atlantic Sun after being picked to finish eighth this year. The squad is at 13-12 overall.

Right now things are looking up for Doherty. Even though I'm not a Carolina fan, I've always liked Doherty, and it's not because of the 8-20 season in '02. I think he's a good coach. I can't understand the way Carolina showed him the door. Even though it was probably a good idea that Doherty step down, I found the Dean Dome press conference shocking, considering Doherty played a big part in bringing one of the national championship banners that was hanging above the gathered crowd. It had the feel of being outside the prison in Paris during Robespierre's reign of terror. It seems even more absurd now as it turned out he recruited the bulk of the team that won last year's national title. Why not issue a press release or hold a low-key news conference in the athletic office. There's got to be some bad karma in way the chancellor and AD handled the situation. Maybe it will catch up to the Heels. If things continue going well at FAU, I would love to see Doherty get back to the big-time. A Coach Doh return gig in the ACC would be a gas. Maybe the karma theory will be put to the test.


Anonymous Brent said...

You give me the team Doherty had the year he won the national championship, and I'll win one too. That team was on autopilot. However, we also saw what a poor job he did of recruiting. I don't think Matt was a bad coach. I think he's a great motvator, but getting ACC-caliber talent is another thing. I think Matt needed about 5-10 more years of seasoning before taking the helm, especailly only being a year removed from Dean's departure. Those are some awfully big shoes to fill.

Anonymous Glenn said...

I disagree about the recruiting. Doherty brought May, Felton, McCants, Williams, Manuel and Scott to UNC. After winning the title last year, Roy said that if Sean May hadn't broken his foot during freshman season, he'd still be in Kansas.

I'm still baffled at the sorry treatment UNC gave Doherty when he left.

Anonymous Brent said...

May was an also-ran player; Williams did that guy a service by turning him into a superstar. Felton and McCants had been courted before Matt took over, I believe by Gut. Williams, Manuel and Scott were also made much better players by a superior coach. I maintain that Matt needed more seasoning. It was just the wrong time.

Blogger Glenn said...

I couldn't disagree more on May. It took Felton to get him the ball, but it took May to make all the awesome moves from about 15 feet and in. I think he went on the most impressive individual tourney run since Danny Manning in '88.


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