Monday, February 20, 2006


Sportscaster Curt Gowdy died today. I can't say he was ever my favorite, but his is one of the first voices I ever remember calling all the big sporting events. Gowdy manned the mike during my earliest memories of the World Series, Super Bowl, Rose Bowl and Final Four. I remember my grandfather loved the Monday night baseball broadcasts he did with Dizzy Dean. I appreciate Gowdy being there at the beginning of my love affair with sports.


Anonymous Ed Cone said...

Definitely a voice from my childhood.

Now...anyone remember Jim Thacker...?

Blogger Glenn said...

I remember Thacker well. Growing up in Statesville with only five or six channels coming in clearly on the tube, most nights I usually caught Thacker doing the sports on WBTV.

Like Gowdy, I won't say he was one of my favorites, but I've got to hand it to him for being behind the mike as the ACC started exploding on the national scene in the '70s. Those were the only mid-week games you could watch on TV in the pre-ESPN days. I had some Carolina friends who couldn't stand him because they thought he was an NC State suck-up.

Anonymous Brent said...

Gowdy was no Howard Cosell or Harry Caray, but he was pretty good. He knew his sports and could articulate his opinions well. I would say that the only reason we may not think of him as a great is because he didn't share our sports biases -- just like Dickie V and Billy Packer.


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