Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Steelers show off their 5th Lombardi: Super Bowl thoughts

Pittsburgh ended an impressive run with its Super Bowl victory over the weekend. Sitting at 7-5 following NFL week 13, the Steelers caught a wave that brought them to shore standing tall. I can't say the game agaisnt Seattle will go down as an epic. Not a lot of sharp play, but that doesn't matter in P'burgh today as the party continues.

I viewed the game at great party downtown at Greene Street. Good food, fun and scenery. Too much stimulation to pay constant attention to the battle on the big screen. It was definitely a Steelers crowd, but I think that was the case about everywhere. I've never seen such a darling team going into a Super Bowl.

I'll admit, I respect the Steelers begrudingly. A Cowboys fan back in the '70s, the Steel Curtain broke my heart too many times. Since then I seem to come across new Pittsburgh fans every few years. I had an uncle who was into them big-time. I wish he could still be here to see this one. I guess that's what it comes down to, the Pittsburgh fans. I admire their loyalty. The Rooney family runs the team as a family operation. They've only hired two head coaches since 1969, and they don't bail out when the times get lean and neither do the fans. I also understand why Charlie Daniels used Steelers fans on "In America" as he spit in the eye of the Soviets and ushered in what would become the Reagan years. (I can still mix politics and sports with the best of them. Too bad for Lynn Swan the GOP primary is still a few months away.) The team and fans earned the party. There are a lot of happy people around the country this week. That's good for all of us.


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