Monday, February 20, 2006

Then there's Kosovo

As the seventh anniversary of the Kosovo War approaches, Serbs and Albanians held UN-brokered talks today about the future of the UN-adminsitered province. Kosovo Albanians, who comprise 90% of the province's population, want independence, while the Yugoslav government wants minority Kosovo Serbs protected. No dramatics were reported. A second day of talks is scheduled for tomorrow in Vienna.

Germany's Deutsche Welle has a good background piece on the talks. Many Serbs died in an outbreak of violence in 2004 that UN peacekeepers were unable to prevent. Serbs are not only concerned about ethnic violence, but also want Christian churches and monastaries protected. The DW article sees the deck stacked in favor of some sort of decentralized independent Kosovo. The picture at the top of the post gives a glimpse of the Kosovo countryside. Very pretty.


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