Thursday, February 02, 2006

UN Holocaust commemoration

Forward runs an article on the first ever UN Holocaust commemoration. I was never aware the UN didn't note the episode, the story caught me by surprise. Of course the Iranians had something to say:

The Iranian mission to the U.N. issued a statement on the observance day, condemning genocide against any race, ethnic or religious group as a crime against humanity. But, the statement added, "rendering political judgments on such events and closing the door to any scientific inquiry on their characteristics, scope and extent would seriously undermine the sincerity of the endeavor."
"Regrettably, the Zionist regime has routinely attempted to exploit the sufferings of the Jewish people in the past as a cover for its crimes being perpetrated today against Palestinians in the occupied territories, including massacre, demolition of houses, properties and farmlands, as well as acts of state terrorism," the statement said.

Kofi Anan surprised me as much as learning there had been no previous official Holocaust rememberance by the world's foremost international body. Anan's quote:

"Remembering is a necessary rebuke to those who say the Holocaust never happened or has been exaggerated," the U.N. secretary-general said. "Holocaust denial is the work of bigots. We must reject their false claims whenever, wherever and by whomever they are made."


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