Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wake schools redistricting confusion

The Wake County Schools have a redistricting circus of their own. Like Guilford County, it sounds like the Wake bureaucracy plan looks muddled to many. The system plans to redistrict more than 10,000 students for the '06-'07 school year.

The system also hired a new superintendent from within.


Anonymous Brent said...

I hear the NAACP in Guilford County is going to bring suit against GCS for not having enough racial diversity and economic parity in schools. That will be interesting.

Blogger Glenn said...

That's humorous Brent. Like most school systems, Guilford County seems to spend so much time being politically correct, but it still ends up alienating the groups they hope to appease.

If it does happen, the school system will have to choose between its constituients, the parents, and a special interest group. Unfortunately, the special interest group is in a better position to threaten legal action. That's something school systems go to any length to avoid.


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