Sunday, February 12, 2006

You never stop learning

Last night after the Wake game, my parents treated to me dinner at the K&W on Healy Drive in Winston-Salem. My dad said the food tasted better after a victory. I won't argue with that. I'll have to say I astonished myself by not realizing the Greensboro and Winston-Salem roots of the cafeteria. I don't know how almost 45 years passed without me knowing this. As a kid, the place fascinated me. I remember sliding the tray past the green jello, fried chicken and roast beef more than anything. It's about the only time my parents would allow my brother, sister and me to get dessert when we were eating out.

To help assuage the bemusement created by my ignorance, here's a big hat tip to the country-style steak, on which I did not even have to consider lifting a knife, fried okra, mixed fruit bowl, the melon was surprisingly sweet, jalapeno cornbread and coconut creme pie. I somehow refrained from the sweet tea. I'll have to admit the collards weren't up to the usual highest standards, but I didn't leave too many in the bowl. Further props for surviving more than 60 years in the volatile resturant world without changing the product.


Anonymous Brent said...

K&W is pretty good, but another local establishment that is even better is J&S Cafeteria. So much better. I remember an article in the Business Journal about the president of the company who started as a dishwasher. He doesn't have a college degree or anything, but he's at the top of the K&W Empire.


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