Sunday, March 12, 2006

Arrested former white house aide has long political ties to NC

During the morning web surf, I made the connection of Claude Allen to NC. Last week Maryland authorities charged Allen, a Raleigh native, with ripping off department stores for around $5,000 in an exchange scam. Allen resigned as the White House's top domestic policy advisor last month.

After reading a News and Observer post this morning, I recall seeing Allen a great deal as Jesse Helms's top campaign spokesman. He worked on the Senate Foreign Relations as well. He got his start in politics in 1982 as spokesman for Bill Cobey's successful run for a congressional seat. A phi beta kappa graduate of UNC, he also earned a law degree from Duke. Cobey said he usually talks to Allen at least once a year and he never indicated anything that would serve as a warning sign for his unusual behavior.

Being the same age, Allen impressed me during the mid 1980s. He spoke clearly and forcefully on behalf of Helms. He certainly was on an upward arc. Who knows what makes the human mind take the twist and turns that lead it to such bizarre behavior as Allen's. I hope he gets things straightened out.

Update: John Podhoretz has more on reaction he received from those on the left concerning a column he wrote on the Allen situation.


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