Sunday, March 26, 2006

Batting .500 on Final Four picks

At least I know I'll do no worse than bat .250 on my Final Four picks. Don't get too impressed. I only started picking from the Elite Eight.

I called the slugfest right in Texas/LSU, but I got the winning team wrong. Big Baby Glen Davis and company will do something Pistol Pete Maravich and Shaq never got to do at LSU, play in a Final Four. The Tigers reach the national semi-finals for the first time since the Dale Brown days.

By keeping me from wearing the collar yesterday, UCLA will tie a Carolina record when it plays in Indianapolis next week. The Bruins shut down Memphis to earn the school's record-tying 16th Final Four appearance. I say the John Wooden karma still lives. Bill Walton looked happy too.

Both of yesterday's games turned convential wisdom on its ear. Two young hard-nosed defensive teams shut down sleek, veteran squads. It won't be a shocker if their game next Saturday doesn't make it out of the 40s.

I made the call for George Mason and Villanova to win today. It's about time to see if I've got another hit in my bat. Please forgive me for intertwining sports, but opening day is a week away.

Update: It feels good to follow your heart.


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