Thursday, March 23, 2006

Count your lotto winnings as you get a lap dance

For those who would like more to their lottery experience than waiting in line at the local handy pantry, go to Charlotte. The state has approved the Paper Doll, "the Grandaddy" of Charlotte strip clubs to sell lottery tickets. The Doll's owner sums it up:

"We're the only [strip]club that has it," said Chris Falls, owner of the Paper Doll Lounge. "And I also have something the convenience stores don't."

I guess for some it'll beat the PTA bake sale as way to support the local school.


Anonymous Brent said...

Sounds like a great idea to me. Are people supposed to be shocked. Should lottery regulators have to yannk his permit? I say if people want to scratch a few numbers while looking at some semi-nude gals, so be it.

Anonymous glenn said...

I don't think his lottery permit should be yanked and the article didn't indicate that anyone was advocating that position. You might as well get all your vice under one roof.


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