Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Duke pres suspends lacrosse season

This Duke lacrosse episode is ugly. University President Richard Brodhead just announced the season is suspened until a "clearer resolution" is reached concerning the dark legal cloud hanging over the team. It's late in the season too. They've got a big mess on their hands and winning an NCAA title is the least of their worries.


Blogger sam's notes said...

No doubt they do. Heard something about it today on the radio that the DA is going to press after DNA samples come back. But I hadn't heard they had suspended the season.

Thanks for breaking the story.

Blogger Glenn said...

Thanks Sam. Duke blue has a new meaning right now.

Anonymous Brent said...

I have a different take. I bet this will be some kind of Kobe thing, where the chick turns out to be some crazy whore. Just my opinion.

In the last few years, I have, sadly, begun to look upon rape charges with a certain amount of suspicion.

Blogger Glenn said...

While I think the behavior of team members was beyond stupid and irresponsible, we don't know anywhere close to enough about the case to say something illegal took place.


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