Monday, March 20, 2006

George Mason deja vu

Watching the Carolina/George Mason game yesterday seemed eerily familiar. Way back in November, Wake Forest hosted the Patriots in the second round of the Coaches against Cancer tournament. The Deacs raced out to a big lead only to lose it. Worse than the Heels, Wake lost the lead late. Mason extended the defense, chipped away offensively, eventually caught up and forced overtime. They helped turn Justin Gray into a turnover machine and kept the ball out of the lane. Thanks to the homecourt advanage, Wake survived in overtime. Despite losing, George Mason exposed most of the weaknesses that plagued the Deacs throughout the season.

Back to the UNC tourney loss, George Mason extended the defense and shut down Carolina's inside game. Tyler Hansbrough couldn't pull the Heels through because he couldn't get the ball low, and when he did, Mason's D was ready for him. After the second Duke game, I thought Carolina was the best team in the ACC. It looks like they may have peaked because none of their subsequent games matched the quality of play displayed against the Devils. Nonetheless, a good run this year for the Heels.


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