Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Giuliani rides high in Fox poll

A Fox News poll released today shows Rudy Giuliani as the favorite in the 2008 presidential race. Giuliani outpolled John McCain 29%-22% among Republican voters. Hillary Clinton won a landslide among Democrats, receiving 43% support, her closest follower at 12%, Al Gore has already announced he will not run in '08. Giuliani and McCain both easily topped Clinton in head to head polls at 51-39 and 50-39 respectively. The All Stars discussed the poll with Brit Hume tonight. Mara Liason and Mort Kondracke attributed Giuliani's strong showing to name recognition and see him as an unlikely GOP nominee because he holds too many socially liberal positions. Fred Barnes takes Giuliani seriously, but conceded that he had more negatives to overcome than does McCain among Repubs.

I think a Giuliani candidacy would go over well. As Barnes noted, he'll have some explaining to do and may not prove able to pull it off. He would certainly bring a broad base with him. On the other side, Hillary has some work to do.


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