Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Greensboro urban hike

I've been enjoying long walks around town the last few weekends. Greensboro in spring is certainly worth the stroll. A good deal of spring color is out. Last weekend I saw the first blooming azaelas (I hope they got through the cold nights this week.) Caught the first glimpse of blooming tulips today. We even got caught in a petal shower along Benjamin Parkway. It's a good workout, but I feel the urge more than ever to get into the hills. It's going to happen soon.


Anonymous Brent said...

Yeah. After I administered a practice SAT at Dudley, I strolled around downtown for an hour or so. It was a lot of fun to be down there. It has been a little too cold for me most days though. But I had the heavy coat. The temp wasn't too bad, and we were getting some flurries. It was great.

Blogger Glenn said...

Greensboro is a great place to walk around. Plenty of great scenry. If you take an especially long walk, you'll likely encounter some traffic, so be sure you're sharp and patient.


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