Wednesday, March 08, 2006

House GOP breaks with Bush on ports deal

House Republicans just voted to defy GW Bush on UAE port deal. The move is seen as a strong repudiation of Bush in an election year.

I believe this reaction is too quick. I don't like the way the adminsitration allowed the issue to pop up out of the blue, but that's not reason enough to kill the deal right now. Perhaps the deal could be used to eventually leverage a recognition of Israel from the UAE or to stop the duplicity of condemning terrorism in public while playing the three monkeys when local fanatics spout their hateful rhetoric about Israel and the west.

On the political angle, House Repubs won't have to look to Pennsylvania Avenue if they lose their majority in November. They've put themselves in this position by failing to resist the temptations of power.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

I understand that the UAE doesn't allow foreign interests to own more than 49% of a UAE company. This deal is a good way to exert some pressure there too.

Anonymous Glenn said...

It doesn't matter now. The UAE pulled out. I still believe the deal had a lot of upside. However, the administration bungled it by not doing any prep work on the American people.

Anonymous David Boyd said...

I agree. They have a tin ear. It's really hard to believe they're so obtuse at times.


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