Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Johnston County students leave school to protest illegal immigration legislation

Around 30 mostly Hispanic students walked out of class today at Smithfield-Selma HS to protest illegal immigration legislation being discussed in Congress. The students left in spite of a warning of suspensions from school administrators. The students staged a march down US 301 and were joined by others. I heard a Johnston County Schools spokesperson on a WPTF report say the students would be disciplined for their actions.

Update: Here's a more lengthy article posted by the N&O today. It includes quotes from students. The vice president of La Raza called the walkout a good civics lesson.


Anonymous Brent said...

The thing I don't understand is that we have lots of illegals in the protests. If they're so concerend with illegals, drive a few busses to them, and round them up. Is that just me?


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