Monday, March 06, 2006

Just one whiff of the air tells me it's ACC Tourney Week

I'm all too willing to submit to my ACC Tournament geekdom. It's another one of those things I've always remebered. There's usually the feel of spring in the air by tournament time, but we've had them during snowstorms too. I'm still excited about it even though my team, Wake, doesn't have a prayer this year. For what it's worth, here's a ranked rundown of the five ACC teams I expect to go dancing beyond the event that should be played in Greensboro every year.

1) Carolina--The ACC's number one with a bullet. A stumble in the tourney shouldn't hurt too much, but they're on such a roll that they may win it in spite of themselves. I don't think it would be too shocking to see them among the last dancers left on the floor.

2) Duke--Number 2 based on reputation. The Devils appear dog tired right now, just the same as this time last year. However, I won't sell Coach K short. You can't ignore the sense of ownership that emmanates from the BDs when scrapping for the Tourney Crown and they may prevail once again. They should still reach the Sweet 16, but beyond that we'll have to see how roused up K can get the boys.

3) BC--Right now I don't think the Eagles are too far behind Duke. I wish they had rematches with Carolina and Duke during the regular season. We may get at least one of these return bouts this weekend. Two solid all-ACC players and a talented supporting cast makes BC hard to beat. They look Sweet 16 capable.

4) Florida State--Some are still skeptical of the 'Noles. They certainly have a devastating one-two punch, but it remains to be seen if the rest of the troops can hold the scorched ground left to them by Al Thornton and Alexander Johnson beyond the early rounds. They're due for a little more success in the ACC Tourney. As a Wake fan, I wanted Miami to beat them yesterday.

5) NC State--The Pack is tired and beaten up. They should get their usual 5-8 seed in the dance.

6-12) Any of these guys will have to cut down the nets Sunday to get an invite unless Maryland gets two solid wins which may attract a last-minute date.

Let the hoops holiday month commence.


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