Thursday, March 09, 2006

Liked ESPN's ACC Tourney intro; it made G'boro look good

I enjoyed ESPN's intro to its ACC Tourney coverage tonight. They made Greensboro look like the college basketball Mecca it is. Accompanied by a scratchy version of John Sebastian's "Welcome Back,' it was a retrospective of great ACC Tournament's past intertwined with the ACC present. Liked the shot of Lenny Bias cutting down the nets. I thought the take of an exhausted Randolph Childress stretched on the floor after one of the most amazing tourney runs was too brief, but hey I won't complain since they showed the clip of him calling out Jeff McInnis just before nailing a three. It was good for Greensboro, making us look like the natural home of the tournament we are.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

Could the teal and purple be anymore early 90s? I cringe when I see it.

Anonymous glenn said...

I don't like the floor either. The old blue and gold scheme works a lot better in my opinion.


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