Saturday, March 25, 2006

The local blogosphere; changing minds on Iraq and original thinking

David Boyd created a bit of a stir earlier this week on the local blogosphere when he announced that he now believes the Iraq War to be a mistake. The decision did not catch me totally by surprise. I could tell that Boyd had some second thoughts when he linked to William F. Buckley's declaration that the US mission in Iraq had failed. Even though I disagree with Boyd's current assessment, I appreciate the fact that he reached the decision as his own man just as I believe he did when he wrote posts in favor of the war.

Which brings up the reaction of some of the local blogosphere to Boyd's decision. It seems some local bloggers think that as of March 20, '06, Boyd finally stands on his own concerning the Iraq War.

Ed Cone mentioned the decisions in a couple of posts. In the first he writes that Boyd "has lost his taste for Kool-ade." In the second, he commends "Boyd for his honesty and courage."

In the comments section of Boyd's post explaining his thinking, Roch Smith writes in part, "At the very least, perhaps you'll respect yourself for being your own man, making your own decisions and not being a slave to ideology."

Patrick Eakes also posted on the change of heart and wrote, "David Boyd has my respect for reconsidering his public position about Iraq with honesty and maturity, rather than continue to sing a party line most people do not believe."

I don't doubt the sincerity of Cone, Smith and Eakes. However, if the trio had a change of heart on Iraq, I hope I wouldn't post on their courage and honesty. I already believe they argue honestly. On thinking for ourselves, how many of us sitting here in Greensboro can legitimately argue that we've arrived at our positions on Iraq through truly original thinking? I think both sides are greatly influenced by what we read and hear from the talking heads, and whether we care to admit it or not, our political ideologies played and continue playing a part in shaping our views on the war.


Anonymous Ed Cone said...

You make a good point.

Let me clarify -- the honesty and courage displayed by DB were in changing his mind about a contentious issue in public, not just changing to agree with me.

I don't doubt that DB was sincere before.

Thanks for making this point, FS.

Blogger Glenn said...

Appreciate the reply.

Blogger Roch101 said...

Hmmm. Interesting observation, Glen. Was I implying that David was finally starting to think for himself where he had not been previously? Quite honestly, maybe I was thinking that, a little. But that's not really what I was trying to convey to David.

What I had observed was that changing one's mind about the war from pro to con carries with it the additional dissapointment of certain negative realizations about our government. One who changes him mind from con to pro would have the pleasant consolation of going from a negative view of one's government to a positive view.

My comments to David were that he might find some consolation in knowing that he, at least, was thinking for himself. Perhaps out of respect for David, I should have written that he was 'still' thinking for himself -- that and, as Ed says, that he chose to share his change of mind publicly. That too is admirable.

Anonymous David Boyd said...

Thanks for the thoughts Glenn. It's a tough issue. I appreciate your taking the time to clarify this part of it.

Blogger Glenn said...

Roch and David, I appreciate the replies. I was looking for some good discussion and think I accomplished it.

Blogger Joel said...

If someone changed their mind from con to pro would they be hailed for their courage and freedom of thought? I just wonder.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

I doubt those three would have written what they wrote if they didn't agree with the position. That's not to say that if someone went con to pro that they wouldn't think the person had courage. It's just to say that they wouldn't acknowledge the shift so readily if it was contrary to their position.

It is what it is. We all do it. None of my conservative friends praised my courage. Which is perfectly fine. They probably think I'm deluded. However, I can see me making a post about someone changing their mind to some position that I'm in favor of.


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